Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Hunger Games Guide to Car Tech Autos

Since 2003, London's Car Tech Autos has been providing top of the line servicing and repairs for German automobiles. Their workshop hosts computerized diagnostics equipment and experienced auto mechanics who will keep your Porsche running smoothly. At Car Tech Autos, they have competitive pricing so your Porsche's servicing and maintenance won't be a huge financial burden. Car Tech Autos' website takes the guessing out of Porsche servicing by giving details on the maintenance work they specialize in and perform. Their complementary Porsche Health Check makes sure your Porsche has enough coolant and oil to drive well, and they examine its brakes, lights, tyres (/tires?), and battery for performance as well.

For the Porsche models: Boxster, Cayman, and 911, the brake fluid change only costs 100 GBP while on the Porsche Cayenne model, this servicing costs about 85 GBP. The Porsche 911 (Type 996) costs 100 GBP for its annual check-up, but during all car servicing, Porsche owners can request a Ministry's of Transportation test for only 49 GBP so they know their Porsche passes the vehicular safety and exhaust emissions MOT test.

While the prices for each Porsche model differs in servicing, Car Tech Autos keeps their prices between 210 and 310 GBP on minor servicing jobs. For major servicing work, Car Tech Autos has prices between 285 and 650 GBP, but their average costs are around 340 GBP. Car Tech Autos boasts integrity and commitment to excellent customer service, so Porsche owners servicing their car at Car Tech Autos will have an estimate of their car's maintenance costs before the work is done. Before going to Car Tech Autos, customers can contact them with their Porsche's model and get help with making an appointment for servicing and estimates. But Car Tech Autos is the most convenient choice for Porsche servicing with their 24 hour breakdown recovery servicing help. And for regular services, they can perform general repairs and upgrades; simple diagnostic tests; and general mechanic repairs and servicing with their mobile repair servicing, in case you can't make it to their workshop. If you have any problems with your Porsche's body-frame, windows, air-conditioning, and 4 wheel alignment, you can trust Car Tech Autos' technicians to perform your Porsche's servicing and maintenance at a budget-friendly price and in a timely, professional manner.

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